Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter Is On The Way!


Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the start of the Holiday Season.  The first 5 weeks of the Fall Session have been great! The transition into the Winter Session will go from skills and drills into speed and strength.  The Fall Session has been structured to lay the foundation to be fully prepared for the building block in the 10 week Winter Session.  The goal will be to have optimal performance on the road when the time and weather change in the spring.  Do not worry if you did not attend the Fall Session.  We will be doing another performance evaluation at the beginning of the Winter Session so you will be able to work at your current fitness level and build from there. We still have 3 weeks left and a few drop in spots available in Monday and Thursday classes of the Fall Session if you want to get a jump on the next session.


The 10 week 2016 Winter Session will begin on January 4th and go through March 12.  We are all set up with the details for registration at  A few things worth mentioning.  There is a 6 rider minimum for the 7:00 am Saturday class. More is better right?  Coach Ray and Coach Lucas will be sharing the duties.  If for some reason we cannot reach the minimum and you are registered you will have the option of either receiving a full refund or switch to another time slot that has an opening. 

Registration will open next Sunday, December 6th at 7pm.  


We have teamed up with Velocity Sportwear (give them a "like" on facebook because they are great!) to bring to you  "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Hoodies!  Just in time for the Holidays!  You have the choice of a regular hoodie with standard unisex sizing, a full zip with unisex sizing, or a full zip ladies lightweight jacket. The link to order and pricing is 
Hoodie Order Link
The really cool part is you can shop on their website for other product offered and put it in the same cart as your KASS Holiday Hoodie! 

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFO - Velocity Sportwear has been amazing to work with.  They are linking the order directly to their website so the hoodies can be direct shipped. Once we reach the order deadline which is December 7 it takes about two weeks to arrive.   The goal is for you to have your hoodie in time for the holiday season!  
Sneak Peek

Happy Holidays! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

New Season Fresh Start

We are excited to announce the 2015 "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Fall Session will begin on October 19th and run through December 19th!  This will be the 8th season entering the pain cave and we are more refreshed and recharged than ever to bring you the best possible training to help each of you reach your goals. 

Registration will be opening on Monday, October 5th at 7:00pm at BikeReg.  There will be no classes the week of Thanksgiving (November 23rd). This is a rest week. 

The first week of the session will be the Functional Threshold Power (FTP) class.  It is recommended that you come to this class rested in order to get an accurate assessment to start the Fall Session.  If you train with a heart rate monitor your heart rate zones can be determined.  Each rider will receive an email with a report explaining how to use the information. In order to get the most out of the classes it is important to establish training parameters.  

There will be two different classes each week. The Monday thru Wednesday workouts will be similar and Thursday thru Saturday will be similar. They are designed to compliment each other. Please keep this in mind if you are planning to sign up for two classes. 

The Fall Session is designed progressively to prepare for the 10 week Winter Session. 

We will also be running our random 2-3 hr endurance classes when the weather starts to challenge us. 

All the class details and more are available on the website at

If you have any questions please call Chris at 301.788.4631 or email

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Coaching Addition and Intro Classes!

We are losing daylight fast and it's almost officially Fall!  The good news is we got a pulse at the Speed Shop!  Programming for the upcoming Season 8 is underway.  We have a few exciting additions and changes coming your way.  The 8 week Fall Session will begin on 10/19. Details will be posted soon to  "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.


It is my pleasure to announce the addition of Coach Lucas McCollum back to the Speed Shop this Fall and Winter! He will be taking over the Tuesday Early Bird class. Lucas and Coach Vicki taught a popular Sunday morning class the first year we started.  Lucas is one of the most accomplished triathletes in our region. He has turned his focus to road cycling and is quickly climbing the ranks moving from a USA Cycling Category 4 to a Category 2 and closing in on the top ranking of Category 1 in just one year racing for Team Bike Doctor. We are excited to have Lucas back!

Lucas on the top step of the Poolesville Road Race winning the Pro 1,2,3 race
Coach Ray will also be back for Season 8.  He provides a tremendous amount of support on and off the bike that helps the Speed Shop to continue to provide quality workouts in a fun environment. Coach Ray is coming off another strong road race season representing  National Capital Velo Club.

As many of you know Coach Vicki has moved to Texas.  She has been with the Speed Shop from the first season.  Her coaching and support will be greatly missed this season and we wish her well.


This year we are offering Two Introductory Classes.  The class will be lead by Coach Lucas and provide an opportunity to see what the Speed Shop is all about.  We will go over everything from set up to outlining what goes on in the Fall and Winter Sessions along with the random Long Endurance Classes.  We will also review the theory behind the progression of the training. Coach Lucas will lead an abbreviated workout so you have an idea of what to expect when you come to class. The first class will be held on September 16th at 6:30pm.  The cost is $20. Email to reserve your spot. Please call 301.788.4631 if you have any questions. The second class will be held in early October and will be announced in a few weeks.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

We Did It!!

The 2015 "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Winter Session is complete!  

Thank you to everyone that came out for the weekly torture sessions.  I hope to hear lots of success stories this spring and summer as we hit the road. 

A special thank you goes out to Coach Ray and Coach Vicki.  Because of these two fine coaches we are able to keep more classes on the schedule. Having a full schedule plays a significant role in keeping people sane during the brutal winter months. Their assistance also helps us to keep the quality workouts coming.  On a sad note for the Shop, Coach Vicki will be moving to Texas in a few weeks.  She has been with the Speed Shop since the first year and a huge supporter.  Hopefully we will have a few guest appearances when she comes back to visit. 

Shout Outs!

Lucas finishing up another session in the Speed Shop this winter
Lucas McCollum has been working hard this winter. Most of you know  Lucas has been competing as an elite level triathlete with many incredible successes over the years. A  highlight from last year was when he won the 2014 Male 30-34 Duathlon National Championship in the long course.  This season Lucas will  turn his focus from multisport to road racing. He has landed a spot on the elite squad of Team Bike Doctor.  In just a few short road racing seasons Lucas has upgraded from at Category 5 to a few points shy of a Category 2.  He's been training hard this winter and looking forward to testing his legs early this spring!  

No Caption Necessary
Another shout out to a couple guys that also helped keep everyone's sanity (or insanity) in check this winter. Duncan and Mike.   These dudes kept us laughing. Lots. Truth be told these two are just a a couple of many wonderful athletes that we have the pleasure of coaching through these intense but fun workouts. This picture just captured the essence of the fun. You know when you are judging workouts by the number of headbands- something good is going to happen in the spring! 

Here is a list we put out last year and thought it might be helpful to repost.  If anyone would like me to add to this please send me an email. 

Antietam Velo Club  an inclusive competitive cycling club out of Hagerstown, MD dedicated to supporting and promoting the bike racing in the Mid-Maryland area

DC Randonneurs - bicycle rides that are long-distance, unsupported, non-competitive, and time limited

Frederick Bike Rats Google Group -a forum for fun, inclusive local group rides in Frederick email:

Frederick Pedalers -  is a non-profit volunteer-led organization that promotes bicycling in Frederick County by leading rides, conducting cycling classes and cycling outreach activities

Frederick Velo/Bike Doctor Frederick a competitve cycling club in Frederick, MD that includes road, mountain, cyclocross and downhill racing. 

Frederick Velo Yahoo Group  a race oriented group ride centered around the Tuesday Night Worlds leaving from Glade Elementary

Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association - primary resource for all road racing information in the Mid Atlantic

Mid Atlantic Time Trial Series (MATTS) a fantastic series of 5 Time Trials, aka  "the race of truth", held throughout the spring and summer

Racine MultiSports family focused multi-sport endurance races 

Team Integrity Cycling  - a competitive cycling club located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

Thank you again for making this a fantastic season!  See you on the road!  Chris

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shop News and Winter Session Update

Hello Everyone!
We are over half way through the Fall Session already! Time is moving fast and so are the pedals. With the focus on skills and drills this Fall everyone's legs are going to be prepared for the popular Winter Session in the pain cave.  The upcoming week is a rest week and there are no regularly scheduled classes.

Leg speed drill in the Weds night class

The Saturday Class having some fun with lots of Duncans.  It wasn't all pain and suffering this Fall. We managed to have some fun along the way. 

 Winter Session Update
The Speed Shop 2015 10 week Winter Session will begin on January 5, 2015 and end on March 14, 2015. All the details regarding registration are on our website at   or go to BikeReg
A few changes to note.  The Saturday Classes will now be at 7am with Coach Ray, 9am with Coach Vicki, and 11am with yours truly. All classes have a 5 rider minimum with the exception of the Early Bird Tuesday Class which has a 6 rider minimum.   We are headed into the bad weather months.  Please note the cancellation policy.  
                                            Winter Training Tips
Winter weather has arrived and it is more important than ever to include off the bike movements into your routine.  This will help with staying balanced and healthy throughout the year.  This article from VeloNews can provide some insight on why functional movements are important.

If you have any questions contact me at or 301.788.4631

    Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Up Next...Season 7!

While the outdoor riding season is slowly losing daylight, "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop is gaining momentum for Season 7!  If it sounds like a television series that is because we have had a different vibe each year since 2008.  It is true not all the shenanigans that go on in the pain cave would be appropriate for television but having some fun while sharing the pain one pedal stroke at a time makes the darker days of fall and winter go by a little faster.   

Fall Session Information

When: 10/20/2014 - 12/20/2014 check out the class schedule on the website
The schedule will be the same as last fall assuming the rider minimums per class are met.  Random classes will be added if the weather is bad. There will be more classes offered on the schedule in the 2015 Winter Session. 

What: The Fall is the perfect time to start establishing good riding habits and make improvements. Working on a fluid pedal stroke and proper form for efficiency while getting a great workout will lay the foundation for the 2015 Winter Session
The first week of class will be the Functional Threshold Power (FTP) class to establish power and heart rates zones in order to train specifically to your data. Establishing training parameters is important to get the most of this program. Weeks 2- 8 will build on each other in order to prepare for the Winter Session in 2015.

Cost: 1 class per week $179 or 2 classes per week for $315

Registration: Opens 9/21/14 at 7pm on BikeReg

*5 rider minimum for all classes except Tuesday Early Bird is a 6 rider minimum
*No classes the week of Thanksgiving - this is a REST week.
*Cadence sensors are available - you will need a magnet, some are compatible, available for $5 if you need one
*Trainer skewers are required - available for $12 if you need one

Any questions please call 301.788.4631 or email

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Update

Hello from "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop!  It's time for a summer update because the Fall is closing is fast.  It has been another amazing outdoor season with so many accomplishments and success stories on the road.  It appears those long, hard, winter indoor sessions paid off big this year.   This has kept the motivation at all time high to keep the quality workouts coming  for Season 7 at the Shop!   There is a lot of good stuff in the pipeline so enjoy the rest of the summer and outdoor season and stay tuned for an exciting Fall update.  

Near and Dear 

Just one of many interesting classes with Jim

The Speed Shop will have a different vibe this fall with the absence of Jim Weinstein.  Jim and his family moved to Dayton, Ohio this summer.  Jim came to Frederick in 2010 and added a new layer of depth not only to the Speed Shop but to the entire cycling community.  A huge thank you to Jim for sharing his knowledge and experience with everyone in the Speed Shop and on the road.  We are hoping you will end up back in Frederick with even more exciting and new stories to share.  In the meantime we need to make a Tuesday Night Indoor Worlds Skype date this fall!  Best of luck on your new adventure.  

Travel Section

One of my favorite success stories this summer is from Kim Chaney and Ron McCurdy.   After committing to a cycling trip to Tuscany this Spring, Kim and Ron decided they needed to hone some bike skills and gain some fitness to get the most enjoyment out of the trip.  They came to the Shop to "observe" a session to see what they might be getting into. After a warm welcome from the regulars they decided to pull the trigger and sign up for the full 10 weeks of torture on Monday Nights. The most impressive part is they actually managed to secure 2 spots on one of the more sought after evening sessions. The team even sent me the pre-registered riders time of entry to show how fast that class filled (less than a minute).  I knew that their commitment to the program would make their vacation even more enjoyable.  They sent me this picture of proof that they had a successful trip and had a great time.  Way to go Kim and Ron!

"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop socks in Tuscany


Congratulations to Coach Vicki on completing her USA Cycling license certification.  Now she is even more qualified to inflict torture.  We would also like to wish Vicki good luck as she takes on her 8th Ironman next month at Ironman Chattanooga.  

Stay tuned for the Fall 2014 Season 7 Update